A step-by-step guide to
a successful power nap

The science behind power nap is irrefutable and offers drivers a solution when suffering the early warning signs of driver fatigue by providing simple steps to achieve a short nap that will enhance cognitive and situation awareness. Both Harvard and Yale Universities have conducted
studies on the benefits of power nap and its application to improving concentration and situation awareness.



A Power Nap will work slightly different for everyone however the benefits of a 15-20 minute rest has undeniable benefits. Many people can still hear the hum of the traffic in the background and this is fine you will till reap benefits from the Power Nap.

If you’re struggling to keep your eyes open you need a Power Nap now!

Here’s how:

Step 1 > Pull over, park your vehicle somewhere safe, switch off your engine.

Step 2 > Allow adequate ventilation in the vehicle

Step 3 > Set your phone alarm for 20 minutes

Step 4 > Make yourself comfortable & Recline your seat

Step 5 > Close your eyes and focus on your breathing in and out

Step 6 > When the phone alarm sounds return your seat to the upright position and when you are refreshed continue on your journey.